Our teams endeavor to meet clients¡¯ needs anytime and anywhere through our specific ¡®Inventively Thinking System¡¯.

The 'Inventively Thinking System' is our own system for efficiently handling and managing the patent-related projects of our clients.  Our team members are highly trained in order to acquire the various skills necessary for smoothly performing many kinds of strategic services we offer, including patent translations and patent search/analysis.  The translation, search and analysis work of our clients technologies are carried out by our staff members who specialized in the relevant fields.  Thus, we believe that all our members can successfully meet our clients¡¯ needs.  Our reliable services for strategic services will be continually improved since the practical and specialized experiences of our members are accumulated through continuous patent-related training.

All of our members will become our clients' sincere partners who can make our clients satisfied with our strategic services and provide our clients with continual feedback services.