We generally cover foreign and domestic (Korean) patents when carrying out prior art searches.  In this case, our service charge for the prior art search costs from about U.S. $500.00.  Further, when carrying out the prior art searches, we can cover either foreign patents or domestic patents in accordance with your specific request.  Our service charges for the prior art searches are variable in accordance with the coverage of search and amounts of the relevant materials to be provided.  Extra fees may be billed for urgent works.

In addition, our service charges for the patent family searches and file wrapper searches can be adjusted through discussion and negotiation with the client.  However, minimum service charges start from U.S. $100.00.  The following fee schedules show our basic patent search rates.  Please note that the service fees shown below are approximate.

We are always ready to receive your search requests.  Upon receipt of your instructions on patent searches, we will provide you with our timely and reliable patent search services.

Please send us your instructions on the patent searches via the following e-mail or facsimile at your earliest conveniences.

(1) E-mail: webmaster@patrantech.com

(2) Fax: 82-2-581-2136

(3) Phone: 82-2-581-2135