Generally, whether the technological development of a company succeeds or not is greatly influenced by its accurate prediction of a change or shift in trend of the technology development and strategy establishment coping therewith.  We believe that the best way to achieve the above is to search and analyze patent information in which the latest technologies are included.

Patent information as technical information can play an important role in performing a prerequisite due diligence which should be investigated at the stage before filing a patent application.  Patent information can be practically used for selecting R&D themes, checking technology levels of your own company, and establishing strategic plans against the technology development of other companies.  Furthermore, the patent information as right information can play an important role in performing prerequisite investigations made after filing a patent application.  Patent information can also be used for preventing overlapping investment for the R&D of the company, and as guidelines for introducing core technologies of third parties into your company.  Furthermore, the patent information can be utilized as strategic information for planning the business policies of your own company.

Our well-qualified members who have a variety of experiences in almost all areas of technology and patent will meet your requirements by using various international and domestic databases in view of time, costs, and coverage thereof.