Our translations between English and Korean/Japanese will be charged on the basis of each 100 English words that are used in the translation works.  The translations between Japanese and Korean will be charged on the basis of each one page for Japanese text (36 X 29 characters).

Factors such as length of the document, difficulty of the subject matter thereof and/or short delivery time may affect the final service charges.

In the case of translations of special subjects such as written answer to the opposition, appeal brief and decision, additional expenses will be charged in addition to our basic rates.

We are always ready and able to receive your translation requests.  When we receive your instructions on the translations, we will provide you with our high quality, timely, reliable translation services in a ready-to-use format.

Please send us your original texts to be translated via the following e-mail or facsimile at your earliest convenience.

(1) E-mail: webmaster@patrantech.com

(2) Fax: 82-2-581-2136

(3) Phone: 82-2-581-2135