Our translation works are completed through our senior¡¯s review and our native¡¯s proofreading.  Thus, you will hopefully be fully satisfied with our translation services in all technical and legal points of view.

In particular, it is well known that accurate translations are very important in view of your decisions on R&D and business plans and the protection of intellectual properties.  Thus, we employ a strict quality control system when handling your projects.  To this end, our translation works will be carried out by our well-qualified members who have specialized in the relevant technical fields.  Further, our senior member will review the preliminary translation, and then our natives of respective foreign languages will finally proofread the reviewed translation once again.  If we find any typographical errors or technically improper expressions which may be included in the original texts, we will also inform you of these probable errors in the form of Translator¡¯s Reports.

Furthermore, we fully understand that our delivery time and service charges in accomplishing our strategic services requested by our clients are very important to our clients.  In order to meet these important requirements, we will always endeavor to provide our clients with our punctual and reliable translations in a ready-to-use format and at reasonable costs.

Finally, we are always ready to provide you with our feedback services so that you may contact us anywhere and anytime.